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At KTMB, we are extremely proud of what we are a household name providing safe, efficient and reliable integrated rail services for both people and goods

We believe our greatest strength lies in our talented team of employees who are indeed our intellectual assets. Quality people of diverse talents and capabilities whose team work and synergy have been instrumental in KTMB™ ability to provide exceptional value-added services. We are looking for more of such quality people to join Malaysia™ preferred land transport provider.

Position Closing Date
Tukang K2 Jul 05, 2010
Juruteknik Awam Pelatih Jul 01, 2010
Juruteknik Mekanikal/Elektrik/Elektronik Jul 01, 2010

Temuduga Terbuka
Juruwang Sambilan – Temuduga Terbuka: 1-2 Julai 2010


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